The Time Machine

Yayıncı: Black Cat by UES PUBLISHING


The Time Traveller visits the year 802,701. The people seem to live peacefully with nothing to do but eat fruit, gather flowers and play. But what is the hidden secret of this world? What happens on the darkest night? In one of the greatest science fiction novels, H.G. Wells explores the future of the human race.


The Black Cat Cideb brand, present since the 1970s in the Italian and international educational publishing market, offers a vast catalogue of texts in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian for speakers of Italian as a second language, from graded readers of the texts adopted in secondary schools, to preparation materials for examinations that lead to certification in culture and grammar. Apart from paper books, Black Cat Cideb offers a wide range of digital titles for the eReaders App (for Apple and Android), audio CDs, CD-Roms and DVDs, as well as resources for the interactive whiteboard adapted for every type of teaching and learning need.

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