Mystery in New Orleans

Yayıncı: Black Cat by UES PUBLISHING


Two greedy businessmen want to destroy a beautiful wildlife reserve in New Orleans, where Andy and Brian have summer jobs, and they plan to build a huge shopping center. Mysterious and terrible deaths, and an ecological disaster shock the people of New Orleans. Andy, Brian and Megan decide to solve this bizarre mystery, but can they find the important document that will save the wildlife reserve and its animals? Suspense and danger run high as time runs out… Set in one of America’s most unique cities, this is a baffling mystery solved by three young detectives, with an unexpected final twist.


The Black Cat Cideb brand, present since the 1970s in the Italian and international educational publishing market, offers a vast catalogue of texts in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian for speakers of Italian as a second language, from graded readers of the texts adopted in secondary schools, to preparation materials for examinations that lead to certification in culture and grammar. Apart from paper books, Black Cat Cideb offers a wide range of digital titles for the eReaders App (for Apple and Android), audio CDs, CD-Roms and DVDs, as well as resources for the interactive whiteboard adapted for every type of teaching and learning need.

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